Alyssa's MUST-SEE Performances at Coachella 2017

April 11, 2017

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative



Okay, I'm trying to dial it back and stay calm, but failing pretty miserably. This is my first year of Coachella and I'm just a tad bit excited.

SO MUCH SO that I already have a comprehensive list of people I cannot miss out on seeing.

Here's my list! Who are your must-see performances?





Because DUH. Do I really need to explain myself here?


Travis Scott

I saw Travis Scott a few months ago up in Long Beach at ComplexCon and let me tell ya...this dude put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. Even if you're not big into rap, this guy is an entertainer and a guaranteed good time.


Empire of the Sun

Don't lie, you danced every time that car commercial came on...


Dillon Francis

I've seen Dillon a few times already, but wouldn't miss his set for anything. He throws down.


Mac Miller

Alright, what can I say? He's a rapper from Pittsburgh and I'm a kid from Cleveland. I've been a fan since I was in high school. This is a judgement-free zone...



I am such a sucker for girl singers and man...Phantogram is no exception. I've never seen them before so I'm ready to have some heart-eyes goin on.


Capital Cities

I'm really excited to see really drunk people sing along to this song at Coachella.


Big Gigantic

I've seen Big Gigantic at a few music festivals and they are the perfect set to get drunk to and dance around. Just sayin.


Zipper Club

I'm pretty new to Zipper Club, but I love their vibe. 




Lady Gaga




I'll be super embarrassing with my dancing during this set. That is a promise.


Schoolboy Q

I'll be honest, it's been a minute since I listened to Schoolboy Q. BUT, this used to be my jam at house parties in college, so I've got to go see him...for underage Alyssa's sake.


The Head and the Heart

This is one of my favorite songs and I'm going to be a little embarrassing when they perform it...


Two Door Cinema Club

This band always throws me back to my senior year of high school, so I'm pretty ready to see them and make some new memories with their music.



Those accents tho...



I once saw Tycho at Electric Forest (a music festival in Michigan) a few years ago. It was the last day of the festival, and I was so tired that I literally FELL ASLEEP. They're (obviously) very chill, and the perfect set to unwind to for a second. But I promised myself, I will stay awake this time around and redeem myself.



UGH I MISSED THEM AT INDIE JAM THIS PAST YEAR. I moved to San Diego about 3 weeks after Indie Jam happened, and I'm still upset over it. BUT...mark my words, I will be seeing them at Coachella.


Bishop Briggs

Again, I'm just a total sucker for girl singers.




Kendrick Lamar

OKAY SO, I saw Kendrick once at my old college about 4 years ago. But I was super drunk, he was super drunk, and it was all just a mess. So here's to hoping both of us hold it together a little better this time.



I love Lorde, that's no secret. But I've got to see if she dances this weird in person.



Fun Fact: I used to have this song as my MySpace song. Wow, I just dated myself.


Porter Robinson & Madeon

Probably one of my favorite bromances of the EDM world. These guys are awesome apart, but even better together.


Future Islands

Seriously cannot wait to hear them perform some of the stuff off of their new album, "The Far Field".



Still haven't seen Marshmello live (UGH). Here's to hoping maybe he'll take off his helmet and reveal his true identity (but probably not).



Alright. Here's the thing...I love Kehlani's music. I really do. It hurts my soul that she cheated on Kyrie Irving (BECAUSE LITERALLY, WHO DOES THAT), but for the sake of music, I've got to check her out.



I've been such a fan of them for years and feel like they'll be super in their element at Coachella. Maybe baby Grouplove will make an appearance too?!


Tove Lo

This girl is hands down one of my favorites and my TOP "must-see" at Coachella this year. Her album Ladywood has been on repeat for me since the day it came out, and she's honestly just a cool girl (no pun intended).


What So Not

Fun Fact: I once got an MRI while listening to What So Not. A rather strange experience, if I do say so myself. 


Anna Lunoe

I saw Anna at Electric Forest last June and then again at OMFG! New Year's Eve at Valley View Casino Center, and she's just GOOD. One of the many great examples that EDM isn't just a man's world.