Alyssa Finally Gets Her Copy Of The "Skin & Earth" Comic In The Mail


July 19, 2017

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative


Electro-pop artist, LIGHTS, just released the first issue of her new comic book, Skin & Earth, last week on July 12...

...but since Alyssa pre-ordered online (sigh), she had to wait almost a whole week before she could actually get her hands on it  :O 


BUT ALAS...she finally got it in the mail...and needless to say, there was a mega freak-out




And Alyssa wasn't the only one super stoked on the Skin & Earth comic!


Wanna be part of the Skin & Earth madness? You can scoop the comic here and explore the comic world + look for hidden Easter eggs on @SkinAndEarthWorld Instagram!