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A List Of Local Black-Owned Restaurants To Support In San Diego

June 5, 2020

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There's lots of ways to show your support in the Black Lives Matter movement, and one of those ways is just...being a customer!

A list of local black-owned restaurants around San Diego has been circulating online for the past couple of day and according to Fox 5 San Diego, some of those restaurants really have seen a boost in orders!

Check out the list below:

Hi!! Thanks to an article from @packslight + some research that I did this afternoon I was able to make this list to help support & spread the word about some of the wonderful (& delicious) black owned restaurants/cafés in sd ---- I know I missed some, PLEASE include them in the public Google Doc (link in bio). **anyone is able to add/edit the doc -- Research: San Diego Business Directory, Yelp Black Owned Businesses, and article by: • • #supportsmall #supportblackownedbusinesses #supportlocal #supportblackbusiness

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And also, some vegan and vegan-friendly options!

We are grateful that our community has been asking for and sharing San Diego County area black-owned businesses that they can support! We've been working on assembling and verifying this list but wanted this information in your hands as soon as possible. We appreciate your feedback if we made any omissions or errors. We'll be posting these businesses on our website with links, details and locations as well. #blacklivesmatter #blmsandiego #blmsd @blmsandiego #supportblackbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #veganinsandiego

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