11 Of The Funniest Drunk People From Coachella Over The Years

March 1, 2019

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative


Just some drunk people. At Coachella. Being true American treasures. Enjoy!


1. The Dancing Queen


2. The Dancing King(s)


3. The One Who Lost His Friends, But Found Lots Of Booze


4. The Celeb Who Is Drunk And Angry (feat. Chanel West Coast) (aka the girl on Ridiculousness with the dolphin laugh)


5. The Celeb Who Is Drunk And Living His Best Life (feat. Kid Cudi at MGMT)


6. The One Who Is Definitely "Feelin' It" The Next Day


7. The One Who Is Definitely "Feelin' It" The Next Day, Pt. 2


8. The One On A Different PLANET


9. The One Who Gets An "A" For Effort


10. The One The Crowd Let Down


11. The One Who Should've Worn Sneakers



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