How Humble Design Helps Families Transition from Homelessness

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December 9, 2019
Home for the holidays infographic

As a city, San Diego has one of the highest homeless counts in the nation. Of those counted in the study, 1,513 were homeless families with children. Homeless veterans in San Diego totaled more than 1,000.

When people are able to find permanent housing after experiencing homelessness, they often have trouble maintaining it. In San Diego, more than 27 percent of formerly homeless people find themselves back on the streets after less than six months. The national average of people returning to homelessness after a year of finding housing is around 50 percent. 

Humble Design began their mission helping families, not only transition from homelessness but to stay in those homes, in 2009. While the national average of people returning to homelessness is around 50 percent, Humble Design has found that of the percentage of folks that they've been able to help (over 1,376) only one percent have returned to homelessness. 

Humble Design facilitates a transition from homelessness rooted in dignity. One simple way that dignity can be introduced into the transition from homelessness is to furnish the empty spaces that the recently homeless find themselves in. Furniture can transform an apartment into a home. Help us help Humble Design in their mission this Friday, December 13th.

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