Home For The Holidays: Toni and Isaiah's Story

Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays starts Friday, Dec. 13th

December 9, 2019
Home for the holidays

It used to be a tradition for Toni and her son to visit homeless people at Christmas to pass out hot cocoa and socks. At the time, she wondered what correlation this might have on her own life. She had no idea that she would one day be homeless herself.

In November of 2013, Toni was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A mother of four, with two kids still young enough to be at home, she found herself in a situation where she could no longer work and had to give 30-day notice to her landlord. She could no longer afford the rent.

Home for the holidays

The family downsized their living space from an apartment to a van. They spent their first night in the Walmart parking lot on Aero Drive. They would live in a vehicle for the next four years - the first two years in the van and another two years in a small, two-door car when the van broke down.

Toni and her son eventually found an apartment through rapid re-housing. Entering the apartment, Toni and her son walked into a bare, plywood floor. In place of walls were bare 2x4 studs, there were no cupboards in the kitchen, there wasn't even a sink in the bathroom, but there was a balcony with a view of the canyon, "That is what sold us, it brought us a total space of peace."

Once the apartment was fleshed out with walls and appliances, the rooms remained bare. They had sold all of the furniture years earlier. Listen to her full interview with Dana & Jayson and help us raise money for someone like Toni. All of the money raised during Dana & Jayson's Home for the Holidays goes to support Humble Design. 

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