Alexia hanging with her friends at The Whaley House

San Diego's Most Haunted The Whaley House

October 24, 2018

As tradition my final stop for San Diego’s Most Haunted every year is known as the most haunted house in America and it happens to be right here in San Diego, The Whaley House! 

It’s located in Old Town the birth place of California. It was San Diego’s second courthouse and the site of the town gallows. Later the house was built, that’s when Thomas Whaley and his family moved in. 

The Whaley House is practically famous for being haunted. it’s been featured on many documentaries and The Travel Channel. 

I have visited The Whaley House more times than I can count. It’s one of my go to spots anytime someone comes to town. 

Everyone at The Whaley House is just amazing! Thank you Jokie for allowing us to visit, film and just have a blast. Also big thank you to The San Diego Ghost Hunters you made the experience so spooky and epic! 

If you haven’t been inside the Whaley House yet go check it out. They do daily tours and you never know you may just see a ghost. Click here for more info:

Happy Halloween!