Alexia and her friend Alexes in Pioneer Park

San Diego's Most Haunted: Pioneer Park

October 16, 2018

Did you know Pioneer Park in Mission Hills used to be a Cemetery? Well, it’s true! It was Calvary Cemetery and it was established in 1876.  


In 1960 is when the last burial occurred. Soon after the cemetery became rundown and in 1968 San Diego declared Calvary Cemetery to be abandoned and would soon remove the tombstones and dump them into a ravine at Mount Hope Cemetery. Then in 1970 it became Calvary Memorial Pioneer Park.


But there’s one thing... The bodies are still there and it’s said that there’s anywhere from a thousand to 2000 people that are buried underneath Pioneer Park. 


In one corner you will see some tombstones that were left behind and some plaques in memory of all buried there in the park. 


Visit Pioneer Park and see if you experience something paranormal.