Lexy's Local: Wonderspaces

'In Common' runs now through Sept. 1st.

August 15, 2019

We're back with a new episode of Lexy's Local! Join us as we take you on a sneak peek of Wonderspaces, San Diego.

Wonderspaces is a pop-up art exhibit that runs for three to six months in different locations throughout the country. Right now they're in San Diego, Philadelphia, Arizona, and Austin. They specialize in these amazing, interactive, immersive, large-scale art installations. 

Their current exhibit is located on Harbor Blvd. and is called In Common. What a journey...

Les Cent Visages by Scenocosme is only showing for a few more weeks. Don’t wait and miss your opportunity to experience in common at Wonderspaces San Diego. Photography: @_amir_is_here_ #wonderspaces #installationart #videoprojection #interactiveart #sandiego

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The first installation we visited was called Sewing Machine Orchestra. This piece is by the artist Martin Messier - a choreographed concert of orchestrated antique sewing machines. He is literally making the Singer sing. It helps that in each installation there are guides to welcome you into the space with explanations about the artist, the theme and the intention of the work. 

One of our favorites was Experiment 2.C, it's like stumbling into a dark room and being greeted by an apocalyptic, red sunrise. The artists Dan and David wanted to create a sense of vastness for those experiencing this awe-inspiring work. They succeeded. 

There's still time to check out the show. Wonderspaces runs till September 1st. Use the promo-code "ALT" when purchasing your tickets for 10 percent off of admission!