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My Mom Told Me A True Story About La Llorona That I'll Never Forget

April 17, 2019

Growing up I was always told La Llorona was real. Not just a story but a real ghost that would come take me if I didn’t follow the rules.


La Llorona's actual name was Maria, she came from a very poor family and was the most beautiful woman in her village. She fell in love with a wealthy man and they married. Eventually he began cheating on her which enraged her. She blamed her children for his infidelity and drowned them. A few days later she realized what she had done and ran down to the river to find her children but they had already swept away. Later, her body was found by the riverbank. It is said that her spirit was demanded to return to earth to search for her children for all eternity. 


La Llorona now lurks around bodies of water weeping a really ugly cry looking for her children. So if you hear her cry run because she might come and get you.


With this a movie about La Llorona coming out I thought it would be fun to tell you my Mother’s true story about La Llorona. 


My Mom’s family used to work in the fields and sometimes would travel to different areas for work. They would live in little casitas that were near the fields and it's called The Camp. It was full of field workers along with their families that were working there for that season. 


Her family was working in Colusa, Ca and the camp they were living in was by a river. She had older brothers and there was a house party at the main house on the camp for the older teens that were living there. My Mom was 15 at the time and her brothers said she couldn’t go to the party because she was too young. But her and her friends wanted to be nosey and decided to go anyways. They hung out in front of the house watching everyone have fun through the windows while they were stuck outside. 


All of a sudden my Mom says they all heard a loud ugly cry and that the kids inside the house party heard it too because everyone got so scared they literally ran out of the house, jumping from windows and off the porch running back to their little casitas at the camp. 


No one ever knew where the cry was coming from nor did they see anyone crying but they all heard it and they all knew it was La Llorona. 


Check out the Trailer for The Curse of La Llorona, it hits theaters tomorrow night!