A list of Things You Can Bring and Can't Bring Into Indie Jam

September 7, 2018

Indie Jam is tomorrow people! 

I always hate it when I go to a show, wait in line then finally get to the front of the line just to find out I’ve got like 3 things on me that aren’t allowed in.

So to prevent that from happening to you, here is a list of what you can bring into Indie Jam and what you can’t.

See you tomorrow! 

1. Small SOFT backpacks
2. One sealed 20 oz. (or less) water bottle
3. Soft seat cushions
4. Guest can bring sealed plastic containers or liquid for medical reasons
5. Stadium chairs
NOT Allowed
1. No re-entry allowed
2. No cooler or bags
3. No professional video or camera with removable lens
4. No chairs with rigid frames/no lawn chairs
5. No laser pointers
6. No umbrellas
7. No skateboards
8. No weapons
9. No outside food or beverages
10. No bags or backpacks with metal frames
11. No animals except for certified service animals