Lexy's Local: San Diego Vintage Company

September 18, 2018

Hunting for cool vintage furniture and clothing is something I love to do.

Cool vintage shops can be as hard to find as the vintage treasure itself. When I find a good shop, I remember it and keep going back.

That's exactly what happened at San Diego Vintage Company. Not only is it owned by a friend of mine, Karlos Paez, lead singer of the B-Side Players, but it's also super rad!

He has the best collection - Velvet paintings, old Aztec figures, 90's track jackets, cassettes, and posters. He also has a random assortment of taxidermy, which he's been collecting while on the road touring since the early 90's.

karlos's shop is located in Barrio Logan 2185 Logan Ave. So, whether you are there for an art walk or just to eat some good food, be sure and stop by The San Diego Vintage Company!

Open 10am-10pm today for the Frida Festival in Barrio Logan!

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