Indie Jam Fashion Tip #3

September 5, 2018

I love wearing hats! It's my favorite accessory. So much so, that I've been wearing them since I was a kid.

You will be in the sun at Indie Jam so what better way to block the sun and look stylish while doing it by wearing a hat.

Fashion Tip #3: The Hat

If you plan on wearing a hat make sure to bobby pin the hat down to your hair. We are going to be on the beach and that ocean breeze can definitely blow it away so make sure, so make sure it's secure. 

I personally love wide brim hats and Vintage Hat Shop has the biggest selection for hats in the city. There are multiple locations, my favorite being their wholesale showroom because there is so much more to choose from there.

Village Hat Shop - Middletown Retail / Wholesale Showroom is located  3443 India Street San Diego, CA 92103