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Incubus to Perform Kaaboo Del Mar This Friday

September 11, 2018

I have loved Incubus since high school! I mean Brandon Boyd was just so dreamy and still is. His voice is amaizng and the music Incubus puts out is just so good.


They've realeased so many albums in this exact order:

1995 - Fungus Amongus 

1997 - S.C.I.E.N.C.E. 

1999 - Make Yourself 

2001 - Morning View 

2004 - A Crow Left of the Murder... 

2006 - Light Grenades 

2011 - If Not Now, When?

2017 - 8 


The album that caught my attention was Make Yourself. I can listen to that album from begining to end wihtout having to skip a track. My favorite Incubus song has always been "The Warmth." I've seen them live a few times before but never have I see them perform that song only on youtube... Will I ever see them perform it live? I'm not sure but I definitely hope they will perform it this Friday at Kaaboo Del Mar!  


Till then enjoy this video of them performing "The Warmth."