Alexia with Durand Jones And The Indications

Durand Jones And The Indications Were Amazing

March 27, 2019

I discovered Durand Jones and The Indications back in 2016. The first song I heard wasn't even the lead singer but the drummer singing a song is tilted "Is It Any Wonder" which I fell in love with. Then when I heard the lead singer it was a wrap, they are so dope!




I grew up listening to oldies and that is their vibe 100%. 


The last 2 times Durand Jones and The Indications were in town I missed them so I knew I couldn't miss them at The Casbah.


They were everything I expected and more. Wow just so good!


They stole my heart when they covered a Los Alacranes song "Chicano Park" which is about the history of how Chicano Park came about. The singer Ramon "Chunky" Sanchez passed a few years back but I was fortunate enough to see him sing that legendary song live in Barrio Logan many times. 


I heard someone in the crowd chant Viva Chunky as they started to cover the song and tears started to roll from my eyes. I've got so much love for the community of Barrio Logan and so much pride for Chicano Park.


It was so magical! Check it out below :) <3​


Viva Chunky! @durandjonesandtheindications covered #LosAlacranes #ChicanoPark!!!! It was so magical!!!! ✨✊-- #durandjonesandtheindications

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