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Did You Spot Any Ghosts Lurking In The Background While Watching Haunting of Hill House?

October 23, 2018

Of course I watched 'Haunting of Hill House' when it dropped on Netflix.


This is probably not healthy but I watched first thing when I woke up that day and was instantly addicted. Later I went to the station then straight home and stayed up watching until 4 am, I could not shut it off! LOL! I finished the last 2 episodes the next day and wow it was amazing! If you haven't watched yet, do it!


While watching I started to spot creepy faces and people in the background, I thought maybe it was an accident but it wasn't. It's just been confirmed that there are tons of ghosts lurking around so many scenes.


Did you see any of these ghosts? 


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Sure you haven’t.

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