Coachella 2019 Artist Profile: The Interrupters

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February 11, 2019

The interrupters are just absolutely rad.

Growing up I listened to a lot of ska and punk so I love their vibe.

3 of the members are brothers Kevin, Justin and Jesse Bivona. They actually used to play in their own band Telacasters previous to linking with Aimee Allen who was a solo singer at the time. 

Aimee and Kevin started writing songs for her solo album. They had Jesse and Justin on the project as well but then decided why not make this a band.

The name came from the Bivona brother’s mother interrupting a lot during a conversation she was having with Aimee Allen. After the convo Aimee replied telling the brothers “your Mom is a real interrupter,” and bam The Interrupters name was born. 

With 3 amazing albums under their belt it’s only fitting that they will be playing Coachella this year. Catch them Saturday at Empire Polo Club! 


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