A photo of Alexia's Back To Black Vinyl

Amy Winehouse Documentary 'Back To Black' Trailer

September 19, 2018

I still remember the day I discovered Amy Winehouse. She was everything I loved in one vocalist who's voice was captivating and her music was so good. Not only that her spunky personality was epic.


No one was doing what she was doing at the time when she dropped 'Back To Black' which ended up winning Grammy awards. It's seriously one of the best albums out there, she spoke the raw truth and I loved it. 


Another Amy Winehouse documentary is underway. 'Amy' got a lot of bad reviews but I still watched it and enjoyed it. This documentary is named after her hit album 'Back To Black.' and goes behind the scenes of how this amzing album was created. 


Eagle Vission announced the documentary will hit Theaters November 2nd and I can't wait!