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Things To Do In San Diego This Weekend: Aug.23-25

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Get your grub on at Food Truck Friday Friday, Aug. 23 / Balboa Park Lobster and waffles and sushi, oh my?! It's summer which means Food Truck Fridays are back in full swing at Balboa Park! This family-friendly event, with live entertainment, is sure to be a hit... Read More

Dana & Jayson [LOOK]: The Worst Proposal EVER

Keeping up with the arms race that is marriage proposals is tough, but the groom-to-be at the center of this story seems like he gave up before he even made it to the starting gate. Could this be the worst, least romantic proposal of all time? Dana found the whole thing sweet, and Jayson was... Read More

Dana & Jayson [LOOK]: Little Debbie Releases Snack Rankings

Little Debbie is being a Little Debbie Downer, and this morning on Alt 949 , Jayson and Producer Jack are flipping out over new information. With so many snacks to choose from, figuring out what belongs at the top is up for some debate, but check out the list we talked about this morning with Dana... Read More

San Diego Seniors Community Foundation

The San Diego Seniors Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on ensuring that no local senior is left without access to the resources and knowledge to thrive. On the show today is San Diego Seniors Community Foundation President and CEO, Bob Kelly and Chief Programs and... Read More

Mortal Kombat....Vegetables?

Finish him! You ever wonder how the sounds are made in your favorite video games? For example, in a game like Mortal Kombat, you have two fighters face off against each other in....Mortal Kombat. You can't exactly recreate in the real world two fantasy fighters fighting to the death and record... Read More

New Music Discovery - Catfish and the Bottlemen "2all"

This week's New Music Discovery Pick is Catfish and the Bottlemen "2all". Back in the Spring Catfish and the Bottlemen released their latest album "The Balance" and "2all" is thier third single off that album. Video of Catfish and the Bottlemen - 2all Win tickets to upcoming concerts ALT 949... Read More