A draft beer pouring from a tap

Brew Service: Yuengling Is Planning to Open a Beer Hotel

May 14, 2019

A new hotel is taking the idea of the minibar to another level. Pennsylvania-based brewery Yuengling is developing a beer-themed hotel as part of its campus in Tampa, Florida that will come with an attached microbrewery, tasting room and as yet unannounced other beer amenities. In a statement, Wendy Yuengling, the breweries chief administrative officer said,

“As consumer interest in locally crafted beer continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to engage our loyal fans and re-envision the Yuengling experience in Tampa. This new development will not only offer visitors an enhanced brewery hospitality experience but will also increase our presence in the local community.”

Technically, Yuengling is the most popular craft brewer in the United States, although the brewery’s use of that label came with some controversy. The Brewer’s Association, which officially decides what is and is not a craft beer in the United States, changed its definition in a way that seemed designed to let Yuengling use the moniker. Whatever you call the it though, Yuengling clearly sells a lot of beer.  

As for the hotel, while Yuegling’s will be one of the biggest, it certainly won’t be the first beer hotel. Scottish brewery Brewdog opened the DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio last year, offering IPA on tap in every room and Dogfish Head opened the 16-room Dogfish Inn in Lewes, Delaware in back in 2014.

The Yuengling project is still in the early zoning phases, so beyond the existence of the adjoining brewery and taproom, we don’t know much more about what will be included in the hotel, but if similar hotels are any indication, you can bet they will include lots of cans on Yuengling.