RADIO.COM Buzz Track: Dan Luke and The Raid – ‘Fool’

Discover the latest Shultz sensation out of Bowling Green

January 6, 2020

Introducing the RADIO.COM Buzz Track, a special spotlight on a new artist we think you need to hear. A discovery made at the edge of Alternative, carefully selected and presented to you with advance warning.

First up is Dan Luke and The Raid, a foursome out of Bowling Green, Kentucky who have polished up the chaos of growing up into an angular and infectious collection of songs. “It's like a coming-of-age crisis,” singer Daniel Shultz says about their debut Out of the Blue. “It’s about being in that space in your 20s where you’re trying to get your s*** together and figure things out in life. You’re dealing with your problems, even as you’re going out and partying and getting into trouble all the time.”

In comes alive in the contentious but majestic “Fool,” our RADIO.COM Buzz Track. Bright and wounded, the tune showcases the sweet but slicing voice of Shultz, over a messy mathematical swelling sound.

“Fool” and Out of the Blue happen with a little help from a familiar family member. Daniel is the younger brother of Cage The Elephant frontman Matt Shultz and guitarist Brad Shultz, the latter of which produced the band’s debut album. Daniel is more than a decade younger than his two older brothers and the youngest of four. Beyond a blueprint for success, he credits them leaving the house having the biggest impact, putting him alone with his own imagination.

“All of a sudden I was the only kid. So I had all this time on my own out in the country to be with my own thoughts and my own creativity,” he shares. “So of course I’m influenced by my family, but when it came down to it I formed the creative part of myself mostly on my own, just sitting with a guitar in my hands for hours.”

The latest Alternative export from Bowling Green is Dan Luke and The Raid, a band born out of basement parties and life experience, arriving with urgency and excellence. Check out their song “Fool” as our RADIO.COM Buzz Track.

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