5 Things I'm Watching With BabyJake: The Singer Shares His Favorites From 'Dexter' to 'Ozark'

'I'm just a weirdo, I like criminal stuff'

July 31, 2020

Standing at 6 ft. 6 in., Florida native BabyJake (Jake Herring) is anything but just a little kid, although he did get his musical start early in life at the age of eight.

On the release day of his brand new EP Don't give me problems, give me wine and no way to invite him over for a listening party, we're taking a look at what the singer has been binge-watching these past few months while stuck at home.

With the streaming favorites "Confidant" and "Blue Cellophane" already making their way to fans' ears, BabyJake has collected seven new tracks showcasing his alternative and folk stylings, paired with a little Hip Hop flow. Check out the new single "Head in the Clouds" below.

Here's the EP's track listing:

"Blue Cellophane"
"Head in the Clouds"
"Bread & Butter"

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