The Flaming Lips announce full-scale 'space bubble' concert

December 11 in the Lips' hometown at the Criterion

November 13, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images


On The Flaming Lips' 2002 song "Do You Realize??," frontman Wayne Coyne sings, "Do you realize we're floating in space?" Eighteen years later, Flaming Lips fans will indeed be floating in space... space bubbles, that is.

The Lips have announced "the world's first space bubble concert," an in-person live music event during which each attendee will enclosed in their own, personal bubble.

The concert takes place December 11 in the Lips' hometown at the Criterion venue in Oklahoma City. Visit for all ticket info.

The Flaming Lips previously played a small-scale show at the Criterion last month to test out the bubble concept, but the upcoming concert in December is described as a "full-production live Lips extravaganza."

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