11 Things to Do In San Diego When It's Raining

February 13, 2019

If ever there was a city less prone to vitamin D deficiency, it’d be San Diego. With 70 miles of coastline, mild weather, valleys, vistas, and coves why would we ever be inside?

Because it’s raining. That’s why.

Rain, it happens so little here that we welcome it — It’s, like, one of five times a year that we get to put on a sweater! Cozy!

But after several days of navigating the 805, which has morphed into a 5 mph bumper car course, with burnt out tans and misplaced flip-flops, San Diegans might need some rainy day motivation.

Things to Do in San Diego When It’s Raining.

Go Cart Racing

Get to K1 Speed, Indoor Kart Racing in Barrio Logan. What better way to beat the rain than to burn rubber on the track? Walk-ins are welcome, but if it's a weekend you will want to make a reservation. Things get pretty busy with birthday parties and you don't want to end up waiting an hour to grab a kart. 

K1 Speed MOOD ----#46 #melastimelaespaldabye (me sentía en F1 con toda la adrenalina jaja)

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Axe Throwing

If you haven't checked out AxeVentures in North Park you are missing out on a whole lot of deadly fun. You can reserve sessions for an hour and a half, that might seem like a long time, but it's not. Patrons are treated to a quick tutorial with an axe throwing coach before being cut loose to hurl away. Bring some friends and play a round of axe games, like darts, but sharper. 

Axe throwing. Regram

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Drag Bingo 

There are several places where you can get a good drag bingo fix in San Diego. Our favorite is Bitchy Bingo at Lips in North Park. Go on and get your Bingo on!

Always a good time with the sisters. ---- @rushworthian

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Rollerskating Rink

Get off your bum and hit the rink. Inline or quad skates, there’s nothing freer than jiving (yeah, that’s some 70’s throwback slang) on the roller rink floor. Our favorite place to burn rubber is Skateworld in Linda Vista.

The only thing that could make this more awesome is getting a group of friends together for a disco-themed skate off.

Rolling all day until 8pm! #rollerskating #itsmyskatenight #skateworldsandiego

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Here are a few of the coziest coffee houses to watch rain fall from behind fogged glass.

Subterranean Coffee Boutique in Northpark and Hillcrest

99 Cups Kitchen and Coffee Bar in Pacific Beach

Lestat’s in University Heights and Kensington


San Diego Central Library:

There is almost no better place to be on a rainy day than deep in the stacks at San Diego’s Central Library. Even if you’re not a prolific reader, the library building is a modern work of art, full of quiet corners that offer breathtaking views the city skyline and Coronado Bridge. What better place to ruminate in deep thought while watching rainfall?

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Cuddle with Cats

When it’s raining cats and dogs, grab one and snuggle with it! Do you not have a pet? Don’t worry, you can find a temporary snuggle partner at the Cat Café in East Village. They say that their purpose is to match cats with owners, but we know that their operation is really set up to help all the poor, landlord repressed, pet-less people of the city get a cuddle.

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A Day of Culture at Balboa Park

When was the last time you cut loose with some culture at Balboa Park — and we’re not talking about being sprawled out on the grass at Panama 66 with a strong day-drunk. Go highbrow, get your German expressionism on.

Very grateful for this weird life I live full of adventures and constant new experiences, like seeing this Bosch painting, The Arrest of Christ. This sixteenth century painting blows me out of the water: it’s so cool to see humans rendered like his monsters.

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Comfort food

Pho, Ramen and Chowder, oh my. When it’s raining, bring it on, all of it.

Our favorite place for Pho — Pho Ca Dao in City Heights/College Area

Our favorite place for Ramen — Nishiki Ramen in Kearny Mesa. They have a simple menu, but they’ve managed to include a vegan option and the ramen is mind blowing.

We are closed on Christmas Day. . #nishikiramen #yelpsandiego #sandiegofood #sandiegofoodie #ramensd

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Our favorite place for Chowder — Mitch’s Seafood in Point Loma. This place is right on the water where the fishing boats come in, which means it’s super fresh. We dare say, it’s even better than the famed Point Loma Seafood.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Before your muscles start to atrophy from all this coffee sipping and chowder eating, go climb a rock.

We especially recommend this if it’s something you’ve never done before. Don’t worry if you’re not super strong. Go get a healthy dose of heart pounding adrenaline before returning to repose before your rainy day fire.

Vertical Hold is a good place to buckle your harness.

Just keep telling yourself, "you can't fall." #climb #rock

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A Day at the Cine

Rainy days are for more than watching movies in your fuzzy socks, they’re for cinema. One of our favorite local silver screens is Landmark Ken Cinema. They show a lot of art house, indie and throwbacks — think Back to the Future! Another plus is that the theater is curbside in Kensington so you can grab some great grub or a brewski beforehand.

The gays went rocky horror and my chaotic energy thrived❤️

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Rainy Day Drinking

Did you think we were going to leave beer out of a “Things to do in San Diego” list? Not a chance! We are the craftiest craft beer city in the nation (maybe the world, now). So, when all else fails, go get your brew on. Here are a few of our favorite rainy day breweries/Drinking spots in San Diego!

Alpine Beer Company — Alpine

Modern Times — North Park, Encinitas, Point Loma

Culture Brewing Co in Ocean Beach, Solana Beach, and Encinitas.

Live Wire in University Heights.

For live wire.

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